The Story of Nola B.

New Orleans is a culturally diverse city rich in history, affectionately known as NOLA to the locals. There’s no other city like it in the world.   An American town with traditions still rooted in its European origins. It possesses the perfect marriage of Southern Hospitality and Old World charm. NOLA proudly boasts a reputation for good times and memorable celebrations. It is no wonder why so many choose New Orleans for their “celebration destination”.

NOLA is not just the name attributed to my hometown. It’s also the name of one very influential lady.  My Aunt Nola was the pinnacle of endearing southern charm. Regardless of time of day or occasion, she always presented herself elegantly.  Every hair was in place, her clothes were perfectly pressed and her meticulously manicured fingernails (no acrylics then) were a work of art within themselves.  I can remember sitting at the kitchen table in awe of her perfectly shaped nails, carefully lacquered in high gloss red.  Aunt Nola’s nails were my first recollection of beauty; it was my introduction to art.

I remember Aunt Nola teaching me how to properly polish nails.  Her detailed instructions on how to put just the right amount of polish on the brush, how to carefully execute long stokes, always starting from the edges of the nail and working towards the center. I focused, I practiced and I made attaining the perfectly polished nail my heart’s desire. Finally the day came when Aunt Nola allowed me polish her nails, I was ecstatic.

Aunt Nola’s lessons trained my tiny hands to work with discipline and determination.   That same determination has become the foundation of my career as an artist and craftsperson.  These small experiences shared with my Aunt Nola have given me so much, especially an appreciation for art, beauty and craftsmanship.

In the fall of 2008 I worked as artistic consultant/stylist for Wedding Cakes Across America.  When creating a wedding cake display for a trade show exhibition, I was unimpressed by the limited display options, an antiquated pressed silver cake stand or a covered cake board.  Ultimately I decided to fashion my own cake pedestal.  Using fresh florals and greenery I created the first Fabulous Wedding Cake Stand. Since that moment, I have devoted all my efforts and creativity into starting this company.  Over the past 4 years my company has out grown one warehouse, upgraded to new location and acquired a new moniker.  Originally known as Fabulous Wedding Cake Stands, LLC., this company had evolved to what is now Nola B Style, in honor and remembrance of my dear Aunt Nola.  Nola B Cake Stands are always handcrafted and made right here, in New Orleans.

Nola Belle, Nola Bella, Nola Beautiful, Nola B.