French Gold Antoinette in her regalia

 regalia  (rɪˈɡeɪlɪə) — pl n

  1. the ceremonial emblems or robes of royalty, high office, an order,etc
  2. any splendid or special clothes; finery
 Moodswings are part of daily existence for me and my cake stands!

Actually, I love special things that make moments a little more meaningful.  The older I get, the more I want to pack as much pleasure into a moment of celebration or entertaining, for both myself as much as for my guests.  I don’t hesitate to use my great grandmothers beautiful, delicate pink Fenton vase (melon shape in Rose Overlay).  With the perfect blooms, it’s a reminder of things I love.  To keep beautiful things on the shelf defeats the purpose of their creation. Not to mention, that it creates a conversation every time it is used when I entertain.

Today, with hundreds of thousands of products vying for attention, I find that the majority of them just don’t make much sense.  Too many are so cheaply made that they hardly make it through one occasion.

In designing a cake stand, I have three goals that we important:

Sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Antoinette definitely passes the test!  Made of steel, weighing, depending on size, approximately 13-15 pounds, definitely not a lightweight item.  I’m only a few years into creating these stands, experience tells me that they will be around for a lifetime.

Hand-painted finish

A personal rule that I live by, is that all of the decorations in my home that are considered ‘art’ are not reproductions but done by hand.  The pieces that I have are not exclusive, they are a collection of that I love, created by hands ranging from my children, friends, and artisans from places far away.  There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that a part of someone else went into creating something.  I personally hand-paint everyone of my cake stands with finishes that will look great with any décor.  Each one is a work of art and is painted as such.


As a little girl, I relished in playing dress-up, and with my paper dolls.  Using magnetic embellishments on my stands, gives them different looks and can be used for all sorts of occasions.  Romantically, I imagine a Bride choosing a cake stand for her wedding.  After the wedding, it doesn’t get hidden away on a closet shelf but used for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.  Always a cake stand but also a perfect centerpiece in just about any entertaining situation. With a great glass dome, decadent treats and sweets can be beautifully displayed in your kitchen.  The little girl in me likes dressing up my cake stands.  Certainly not a concept I’ve ever envisioned but true nevertheless.

Here is Antoinette (I name my cake stands, beautiful girl names-another personal pleasure since my children are both boys) flaunting only a few of her looks.  Personally, the artist in me could dress her in dozens of other fun finery but for now, I’ve got quite a task at hand…changing how the world looks at their cakes and their stands.  Is there anybody out there like me that looks at a beautiful cake sitting on a foil-covered board or passé (usually dented and tarnished) pressed metal stand and thinks that there’s got to be something else?

My Grandmother's Pink Fenton Vase