For Francophiles, celebrations such as Bastille Day are the perfect excuse to indulge in their passion for la vie Française.  Even with hectic schedules, the truly devoted will find time to get into a ‘french frame of mind’.  Fortunately, there will be plenty of options to celebrate Bastille Day on this side of the pond.

Google Bastille Day 2012, and you’ll see that there will likely be as much celebrating Bastille Day in the United States as in France (sans military parade extraordinaire).  From San Francisco to New York City, there will be french festivals/events with picnics, music, dancing, dining, and movies, plays, costume parties…the list goes on.

Bastille officially dawns in a few hours, let the fêtes begin.  As for the francophiles on this side of the pond, distance won’t keep France out of their heads.