Rental FAQ’s

How far in advance of my event should I rent a Fabulous Cake Stand?

The number of stands available for rental are limited. The earlier you make your reservation, the better chances of your chosen stand being available for your special day. We suggest reserving your Fabulous Cake Stand at least three months before your wedding/event. Keep in mind that some of our popular stands are often rented one year in advance. Please note that Nola B. wants to accommodate your requests and we encourage you to contact us directly if you have any special requests or questions.

Is there a deposit required?

The full rental fee is paid at the time of booking. However, approximately one week before your event (at the time of shipping) Nola B. will place an authorization on your card equal to the retail cost of the stand, less the pre-paid rental fee. This amount will be released upon return of the rental property to Nola B.

For example, if the price stand you select to rent, including embellishments and shipping totals $175 (paid at time of reservation) and the retail cost of that stand is $575, the $400 difference would be the amount authorized on your card until it’s safely returned, undamaged to Nola B.

How will my Fabulous Cake Stand arrive?

Your cake stand will arrive via UPS ground several days prior to your reserved date. You will receive a tracking number via email once your rental has shipped.  Please be certain to retain the box and all of the original packing material. You will use these same materials to return the stand to us.

When will I need to return the stand?

We are happy to say that our cake stands are in demand and therefore on a tight reserve schedule. We ask that you return the stand, securely packed in the same box that it was received in. Ship using the label that is included with your instruction packet within two business days of your event. Any stand shipped later than the two allowed days will be subject to an additional rental charge.

My wedding/event is being held out of town, can I have the stand shipped directly to the venue?

Nola B. will ship your cake stand directly to you, your baker, planner or to your chosen venue.  Nola B. advises to check with your baker first, it may be that she would prefer to have the stand on premises when assembling the cake.  If your event is for your own wedding, consider your busy schedule the week before your wedding when choosing the shipping destination. If shipping to someone other than yourself, inform them that you are doing so.  Don’t forget to include their email and phone number in the event that we will need to contact them.  In addition, remind them that all packing materials that arrive with your cake stand must be retained for return shipping to Nola B.

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