In the Studio

Playing in the Studio, Hydrangeas

The gardens of New Orleans are so lush and gorgeous at this time of year.  Walk through any established neighborhood, and you can’t help but be seduced by the scent of the season.  Sweet Olive, Confederate Jasmine, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Rose, the menu goes on and on. The scent is just lagniappe The pièce de la résistance, is the bloom itself.  Walking through some gardens in this town are like walking inside of a Renoir painting.

Echeveria, commonly known as 'Hen and chicks'

I sometimes imagine having a garden overflowing with lush hydrangea bushes (and dahlias).  The thought of being able to go out and cut fresh hydrangea blooms until my hearts content is a vision of bliss (IMO).  The next best thing to my own personal bliss is having a friend who is willing to share hers.  After a quick tour of my friend, Elizabeth’s garden this afternoon (the succulents were my favorites),  I left with a nice sized bucket filled with fat hydrangea blooms in ivory, white, pink, green, purple and various shades of blue.

Anxiously, I headed straight to the Nola B. studio, wanting to add the blooms with the longest stems to the existing arrangement of  yummy smelling lilies, alstromeria and greenery.  Nola B. thoroughly endorses (and wholeheartedly recommends) fresh flowers in the workplace, certainly they promote a general feeling of well-being and surely inspire creativity.

Elizabeth's Garden~Hydrangeas

In looking for a vase just to place the remaining blooms, I ran across a little set of glass vases that ‘nest’ together…perfect for all the short and broken stems.  Everything else fit into a simple, clear glass vase.  It’s at this point that the fun began.  Noticing the fabric still draped from last week’s photo shoot, I decided to what I consider the adult version of playing Barbie…playing with our cake stands.  Seriously.

For those that doubt, here’s the proof.  Remember this is just fun, spontaneous fun, so there are no rules.  I found the simple, glass vase with the hodgepodge hues of blooms so pretty, I wanted to photograph it.  I started with a Felicity cake stand in French Gold.  I added one of our new brooch embellishments as an accent.  The red satin background adds drama and makes the blooms pop.  Quite theatrical.

A vase of multi-colored hydrangea blooms.

This was starting to get fun!  I grabbed a smaller Felicity cake stand, and the turquoise cake that we used earlier in the week for a photo shoot.

Our new Brooch Embellishments.

Of course, I kept playing.  Pearls…

Hydrangea, Felicity and Pearls

…and finally, a little cobalt blue vase.

A little pinch of blue hydrangea in a little cobalt vase.