Something Pretty

I’m quite green when it comes to blogging, so please endure my first attempts. Daily I discover things that are so  cool that I just want to tell or show someone. I think with that said, blogging could become a fun aspect of my business.

At Nola B. so much is going on, I’ve just moved into a new studio/warehouse space, I’ve hired my first assistant, (Micha) and my new website has just gone live. If that’s not exciting enough, Micha and I spend long days in our very lovely, bright, AND highly organized studio, designing, prepping, painting, gilding, quite fabulous (I must say) cake stands.

Our website has a long way to go before it’s to a point that I feel it represents who we are and what we do here at Nola B. I thank you in advance for your patience, as in addition to the creative tasks mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is Micha and I that are photographing and editing product images, writing content and adding information to our website then testing to make sure everything is working right.

Speaking of our website. We are thrilled to say thanks (Mille Mercis) to Matt, Summer, Paul and Elise at Good Work Marketing, for providing Nola B. with an awesome new e-commerce site. They have been stellar in dealing with a non-techie (moi) and all of my questions, concerns and confusion:)

I could say so much more but I think I’ll get back on track with the little bit of pretty that I wanted to post about. Last weekend, while at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, I took a break from the music and ran across a very talented artist by the name of Nancy Alexander.  Nancy’s one of a kind works of art, small collage purses and pouches, are about the prettiest items I’ve run across in a long time. Upon setting my eyes on her booth full of divine treasures, it was like…ahhhhhh…yes… Nice… Well-done… Lovely. For a bit I just basked in all the prettiness.  One bag caught my attention, a colorful collage of a Parisian woman holding a large red and yellow butterfly layered on a Paris monument map!  I was drooling!  After tossing the “should I or shouldn’t I” around a bit, I couldn’t justify the purchase of something just for the sheer pleasure of it.  Finally, as I was about to head back to the music I remembered that I have been searching for just the right holder for my business cards.  Ah ha!  Useful AND beautiful!   Needless to say, I left happily with my little treasure, a scrumptious little pouch for my Nola B. business cards, and this is the little pretty I just had to share.